Goals & Objectives

  Goals & Objectives  
Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Paul's Little Pioneer Preschool is to teach young children and their families about God's love and His plan of salvation, to guide them in applying their faith to life and in sharing that faith with others, and to provide them with spiritual and educational support. 

Goals & Objectives
  • To instill in students a sense of responsibility to God, others and self. 
  • To introduce children to the joys of learning that come from the knowledge of salvation in Christ. 
  • To provide a child-centered, activitiy-based curriculum that follows Christian themes.
  • To demonstrate and teach acts of Christian love and forgiveness, which reinforce right behavior. 
  • To aid parents in the spiritual and intellectual upbringing of their children. 
  • To introduce children to a Christian School enviornment in preparation for Kindergarten. 
  • To teach children how to verbalize and utilize their Christian faith in their lives.