Goals & Objectives

  Goals & Objectives  
Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Paul's Little Pioneer Preschool is to teach young children and their families about God's love and His plan of salvation, to guide them in applying their faith to life and in sharing that faith with others, and to provide them with spiritual and educational support. 

Goals & Objectives
  • To instill in each child the knowledge of God’s love for him.
  • To encourage the child to speak to God in prayer.
  • To foster love and respect for all people.
  • To help each child understand his feelings and how to cope with them in a God-pleasing manner.
  • To help each child learn to enjoy the friendship of others, both children and adults, and within a group setting.
  • To foster social interaction with other children.
  • To help each child learn to work and play independently.
  • To inspire in each child a love of learning.
  • To assist each child in proper muscular and motor development.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for creative expression
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for critical thinking skills.
  • To help children develop problem solving skills.
  • To provide for and to encourage good listening and speaking experiences.
  • To provide the security of gentle Christian discipline.
  • To encourage a proper respect of personal property and belongings, as well as those of others.