Daily Schedule

  Daily Schedule  
Our Three & Four Year Old Program
is held on Monday through Friday either 1/2 day or full days

Daily Schedule
  • Religion: Children will learn about Jesus’ love for them through Bible stories, Bible verses, songs, and prayers.
  • Play: Children will have 45 minutes of free play every day.
  • Music: Children will learn to use their voices to sing praises to God and learn songs using rhythm and motion.
  • Movement: Children will participate in activities to help them develop their large motor skills.
  • Small Group Lesson: Children will participate in a short lesson to help develop their academic skills.
  • Read Alouds: The teacher will read books to the children every day.

Preschool Curriculum:
HighScope Curriculum This curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate activities for each child. These activities will be presented so that children can explore concepts as they play. Students will receive a balance of play and teacher initiated activities to meet the individual needs of the whole child.