Scrip Program

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a term meaning “substitute money” and is a universal name for real and negotiable paper gift certificates or prepaid debit cards that are used just like cash. The scrip is issued by national and local retailers where many of us already shop. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing and other essentials, and with every purchase you earn revenue for you and St. Paul's or WLA.

How Scrip Generates Revenue

The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. WLA buys the scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount and re-sells it to families like yours for full face value. The discount –ranging from 2 to 15% or more – is WLA’s revenue. On the WLA Scrip Order Form, the % listed next to the vendor’s name is the discount received from that vendor. For example, Festival Foods is 3%, so every $100 gift card earns $3.00. You pay $100, we send $97 to Great Lakes Scrip Center, and $3 is kept in the WLA Scrip Account. There are many local vendors that also participate and are included on the order form.

How Scrip Helps WLA Schools Families

60% of the revenue generated by your purchase (your family and friends can also order and help with your child’s tuition) is credited to the tuition of your student, or any current or future student you choose (will be in the Money Market until needed), or to the Tuition Assistance Program. WLA has been kind enough to make this available to both WLA student costs and those of students at St. Paul's.  (Students who withdraw or do not enroll cannot receive cash for their credit. They can choose to give it to another family or to operations.) The remaining 40% will go into 3rd Source Income. (These funds offset the administrative costs of the program.)

How Do I Get Scrip?

An order form can be downloaded from the WLA website, or you can pick one up at WLA as you enter Door #l (gym entrance) on the table to your right.  Send the order form and payment to WLA or drop it off in the locked drop box in the WLA Main Office, by 4:00 on Thursday. We will place an order every Friday unless we let you know different. Your scrip order will be ready on Thursday to be picked up in the WLA Business Office (enter the school front doors, continue straight down hallway, past the stairway, 2nd door on the left) . As noted on the Scrip Order Form, you can go to to get the list of all vendors available (too many to fit on our order form). There is a place on the back of the order form to write in any scrip you want that is not on our order form. You may also go to and order online. The enrollment code needs to come from WLA. Order online by Thursday 4:00 to have it back the following Thursday. You can also come to school and buy scrip on hand. Please contact WLA for hours.

Who Can We Contact With Questions?

To contact the WLA Scrip Coordinator call the WLA Office 921-4930 and they will be able to steer you in the right direction. 

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