St. Paul's Faculty and Staff
Church & School Secretary: suriana@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Abby Loescher (preschool,extended care): loescha@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Dawn Hinn (kindergarten): hinndm@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Kristin Kampman (3-4): kampmankm@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Joey Loescher (5-6): loeschj@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Principal Aaron Hartwig (7-8): hartwiam@stpaulslutherannfdl.com
Pastor Michael Kampman: pastorkampman@stpaulslutherannfdl.com

We also thank all those who volunteer their time to help out at St. Paul's. 
The staff, students and parents are greatful.
If you are interested in talking to our teachers please be considerate of the fact that, during the school year, they are teaching from 8:30AM-3:15PM.  Please call before or after school to contact them. Any other messages for your child during the school day can be left with Mrs. Surian.  During the School year, she is in from 8AM-4:00PM. 

We do ask that parents try to have all information necessary for their student(s) to them before the start of the day.  

Our office number is 920-922-1080.