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 Summer Greetings from our School
This summer you’ll be receiving occasional Pioneer Press updates to keep you alert to upcoming events taking place at our school as we prepare for the upcoming year.  As always, we look forward to our continuing partnership of raising your children in the shadow of the cross! This year, our students will be focused on our WLA Association’s theme verse.  The following are some thoughts on our theme “Rejoice in the Lord always!” by WLA’s Pastor Janke.
Philippians 4:4
“Rejoice in the Lord always!”
How does the memory of the city of Philippi not leave Paul bitter and sore?  All he did was proclaim the good news of Jesus to people and help a poor girl who was possessed by an evil spirit.  How was he repaid? The city leaders took Paul, a Roman citizen, and without a fair trial stripped, beat, and severely flogged him and Silas.  Then they threw them in prison. Then the city leaders tried to sweep it all under the rug when they learned Paul was a Roman and their treatment of him was completely illegal.  How could Paul not become bitter and sore at just the thought of the city of Philippi?!
Yet, years later, when writing to a congregation in Philippi, Paul says, “Rejoice in the Lord always!  I will say it again: Rejoice!” The joy Paul has is uncommon. Almost unrealistic. When thinking of a congregation in a place that caused him so much pain, how can Paul be so joyful?
In the Lord.  There it is! Consider what the Lord had done for Paul.  He turned him from a path that would have led to his eternal destruction.  He gave him the promise of forgiveness, peace, eternity in heaven. He rescued him in many difficult situations.  The Lord would ultimately rescue him from death by rising him back to life on the last day. Trouble? Sure, Paul faced a lot of it!  More than most! Reason to despair, lose hope, give up? No! In the Lord, Paul has everything!

Registration and Tuition Reminder
Many of you have already completed the online registration process via the “infosnap” email you received at the end of the school year.  Others have chosen the traditional path and registered with pen and paper. Thank you! If you haven’t yet registered and taken care of tuition, I ask that you do so at your earliest convenience.  If you need the email resent, please let Mr. Hartwig or Pastor Kampman know and we’ll resend it to you. There have been a few instances of system glitches in the online registration process, so if you need assistance, we’re here to help!  

Lost and Found
Several items remain on the lost and found table by school’s office.  After worship concludes this weekend (Thursday and Saturday: 6:30, Sunday: 9:00) I’ll be transporting all unclaimed items to Second Impressions in Fond du Lac, so come get your child’s wardrobe back before the Thrift Store make you pay for it!
Supply List
Our 2019-2020 supply list is available on our school page of our church’s website.  Happy shopping!
Two Important Dates
If you haven’t already done so, please set time aside on your calendars for August 10 and 11.  On the 11th, our Board of Christian Education will be hosting a church picnic after our service (9:00).  During the picnic, the annual Parent Orientation will take place to help get everyone on the same page before we begin a new school year.  While parents are being updated on the upcoming year, children will be able to enjoy fun and games.
Since the facility will need to be spotless for our picnic, the 10th will be our annual cleaning day.  Many hands make light work, and there will be plenty of work to share as we not only get our classrooms in pristine condition, but as we also get the picnic area neat and tidy!  Thank you for your participation!
“Rejoice in the Lord always!” Philippians 4:44.
-Aaron Hartwig

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