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October 26, 2021

Cleaners: November 1-November 5, 2021 (Ciske pays)

Mission Offering
Mission offering for 1st semester is going to the WELS World Mission in Ukraine (Ukranian Lutheran Church).  WELS is the primary ministry partner of the ULC.  WELS World Missions provides financial support and has offered to help with establishing evangelism programs, outlining ways to encourage member retention, stewardship, encouraging male leadership, and helping with VBS programs.   Mission offering last week was $41.93.  Mission offering for the semester is $300.90.

Hot Lunch Reminder!
Please try to have your hot lunch slips turned in by tomorrow. Monday starts the new month and since there is no school on Thursday or Friday, we need to get our counts in.
Thank you! 

Flu Clinic
A flu clinic will be held here at school on Wednesday, November 3.  If you would like your child to receive a flu vaccine that day, please make sure the form is completed in full and returned to school by Monday, November 1. Forms are being sent home with students today.

Reader’s Theater
Reader’s Theater will be held on Mondays, beginning November 8th.  Each session will be held from 3:30-4:30.  5th-8th grade students will be eligible to participate in Mrs. Hinn’s program.  Each week, the Reader’s Theater participants will get to read fun plays, become various characters, and be part of a great group of readers!  If you would like additional information, please contact Mrs. Hinn.  

End of First Quarter/Noon Dismissal/Teachers’ Conference
Tomorrow marks the end of the first quarter of our school year.  We will conclude with a half day so that our teachers can have an afternoon faculty meeting and some time for report card work.  Please note that we will not be able to offer after school extended care tomorrow, due to the faculty meeting.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
Our teachers will be in Milwaukee on Thursday and Friday attending the Wisconsin Lutheran State Teachers Conference.  We’ll look forward to getting back into the classrooms the following Monday!  We hope and pray that all of our families and students will enjoy the Wednesday afternoon through Friday break from the school routine.

Report Cards/Parent-Teacher Conferences
Report Cards will be sent home with students on Tuesday, November 2, which means parent teacher conferences are just around the corner.  Please look for sign-up information in the next few days.  Our teachers look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you as we partner together in the education of your child.

Joint Reformation Service
After hearing our Junior Choir sing at our 10:15 service Sunday morning, all are warmly invited to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Fond du Lac for our area Reformation Service.  It will take place at 3:00 p.m.  Pastor Aaron Christie, who serves as Dean of Chapel at our Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, will be the preacher and a WLA choir will sing.  We look forward to joining with our WELS neighbors in the Fond du Lac area, as we give thanks to God for His Grace, Faith, and Word. 

Covid Operations 2021-2022
We have been tremendously blessed so far this school year in regard to COVID.  Since we have a few students learning remotely for a few days as they follow the Health Department’s guidelines for returning to campus as a “close contact”, it’s an appropriate time to re-share our Covid operation plan with you:  Covid Operation Plan 2021-2022.  To our families that currently have children at home, I sincerely thank you for cooperating so willingly with our plan.  To families that may be impacted in the future with a positive test result in your home, I thank you in advance for following our Operation Plan and our Health Department’s guidelines in regard to a positive test, so that we can continue to offer quality instruction to all our students. 
I should also note that all of our WELS schools in the area are having an extremely difficult time finding substitute teachers, so please be aware that if a teacher does get sick this year (be it via COVID or anything else that would keep them out of the classroom) school might look quite odd for awhile for our students.  If option A (securing a qualified substitute teacher) doesn’t work, the other contingency plans might mean reshuffling the sick teacher’s students into different classrooms; finding several short term options to “teach” in the classroom throughout the school day(s); or worst case scenario, simply asking that the sick teacher’s students remain home for the day.  I’m very pleased to report that all of our teachers are healthy and well, but I think its wise to let you know that there is a realistic possibility that before the year is through, we will need to work through some curveballs.  Thank  you in advance for your patience. 

Junior Viking Basketball
As part of WLA's federation of schools, 3-8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Viking basketball program. This is a traveling team for each grade level. Pick up a copy of the informational letter in the school entrance or look at the attached document for the coaches' emails in order to learn more information about the program.  

Basketball 2021-2022
Basketball season is now less than a month away.  The first practices will be held November 1st.  Since we’ll be combining with the students from Redeemer and from Trinity (Dundee) we will have different practice times and locations than in previous years.  For your planning sake, here is the general practice schedule.
MONDAYS at ST PAUL’S: 3:45-5:15 Boys B-Team.  5:30-7:00 Boys A-Team
MONDAYS  at REDEEMER:  3:45-5:15 Girls B-Team.  5:30-7:00 Girls A-Team
WEDNESDAYS at ST. PAUL’S:  3:45-5:15 Girls B-Team.  5:30-7:00 Girls A-Team
WEDNESDAYS at REDEEMER:  3:45-5:15 Boys B-Team. 5:30-7:00 Boys A-Team
THURSDAYS at ST. PAUL’S: 3:45-5:15 Girls C-Team
THURSDAYS as REDEEMER: 3:45-5:15 Boys C-Team

Church & School Wear Is Available at Hopper’s
A couple of our logos are on file at Hoppers in Fond du Lac. You can bring in any shirt you want and they will print them onto them for a small fee. They also do mugs, water bottles, and other items. Stop in or call to find out all the cool stuff they can do. Please note that they cannot embroider any type of fleece.  Please see the attachment for the logos that are available.  

WLA Kitchen Help Sign Up
Each year our congregation has slotted weeks that we volunteer to help with WLA Hot Lunch.  Here are the weeks for kitchen volunteers for this school year:
Nov 15-19 ( only need 1 person on the 16th and 17th is filled)
Jan 17-21 (only need 1 person on 18th and 19th is filled)
Feb 28-Mar 4
There is a sign up sheet on the information center in the narthex and you can also sign up online.


Wednesday, October 27:
End of 1st Quarter
1/2 Day of School - Noon Dismissal

Thursday, October 28:
No School at St. Paul’s - WLS Teachers Conference

Friday, October 29:
No School at St. Paul’s - WLS Teachers Conference

Saturday, October 30:
Volleyball WALL A Tournament at WLA (A Team)
6:30pm- Worship 

Sunday, October 31:
Volleyball WALL A Tournament at WLA (A Team)
7:45 & 10:15am- Worship (Junior Choir sings at 10:15)
9:00am- Bible Study/Sunday School
3:00pm- Area Reformation Service at St. Peter’s, FDL

Monday, November 1:
3:45-5:15pm- B Team Boys Basketball practice at St. Paul’s
3:45-5:15pm- B Team Girls Basketball practice at Redeemer
5:30-7:00pm- A Team Boys Basketball practice at St. Paul’s
5:30-7:00pm- A Team Girls Basketball practice at Redeemer

Wednesday, November 3:
3:45-5:15pm- B Team Boys Basketball practice at Redeemer
3:45-5:15pm- B Team Girls Basketball practice at St. Paul’s
5:30-7:00pm- A Team Boys Basketball practice at Redeemer
5:30-7:00pm- A Team Girls Basketball practice at St. Paul’s

Thursday, November 4:
3:45-5:15pm- C Team Boys Basketball practice at Redeemer
3:45-5:15pm- C Team Girls Basketball practice at St. Paul’s

Friday, November 5:
1/2 Day of School - Noon Dismissal
Parent/Teacher Conferences

Saturday, November 6:
8:00am-12:00pm- LWMS Rally at St. Paul’s, NFDL
6:30pm- Worship with Communion

Sunday, November 7:
7:45 & 10:15am- Worship with Communion (5th-8th sings; Chimes at 10:15)
9:00am- Bible Study/Sunday School