Pioneer Press

Hello Pioneer family,


I am thankful that I’m able to announce that positive and exciting progress continues to be made as we approach the beginning of our school year.  In this correspondence, you’ll be receiving a few links and some important information pertaining to the upcoming year.  

  • SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST:  Thank you for your patience in receiving this year’s school supply list.  You can find it at this link: 2020-2021 School Supply List.  We’re asking that all supplies be brought along at the upcoming “Back to School” visits.  Please note that our inclusion of disinfectant wipes may be a bit unrealistic at this time due to supply and demand issues, but if possible, we’d love to have them.

  • REOPENING OPERATION PLAN:  Since the North Fond du Lac school district has officially announced their reopening plans, with at most a two-day on-campus option for their students, I anticipate that interest in enrolling at St. Paul’s will be high.  With our classroom enrollments capped at 20 this year, it is very important that all registrations be submitted as soon as possible.  If you’re unable to register at this time but would like a spot reserved, please let me know so that I can do my best to keep a seat open.  The paper copies of our enrollment and payment forms are available on our church’s website, in our school’s tab.

  • GOVERNOR EVERS’s EXECUTIVE ORDER:  Please note that Governor Evers’s order officially  mandates the wearing of face coverings for our students and teachers through September 28.  While this is a change from our original operational plan, I’m glad that our five-day on campus plan remains intact.  As always, I’ll be closely monitoring the situation as further restrictions or loosenings of policies take place.    


  • ON-CAMPUS/OFF-CAMPUS INSTRUCTION:  While it is our desire to remain open all year long for on-campus instruction, I do anticipate that from time to time individual classroom units will need to receive their education remotely while the Health Department tracks the COVID virus.  I’m excited to share that if/when such instances occur, our faculty is committed to enhance the learning experience from last year’s on-line education.  Priority number one will be to offer an educational experience that offers optimum academic benefit, including authentic teacher interaction, no matter where or how instruction is delivered.  Because an online education looks drastically different for each grade level, I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher to hear about their unique plans.

  • Emails are wonderful and all, but our teachers are also looking forward to seeing you and your child for two upcoming events.  Both of which will be conducted a little bit differently than in years gone by.

    • On Monday, August 17 and Tuesday, August 18, our annual Parent Orientation Meeting will take place.  This year, more than ever, all parents are encouraged to attend so that we can outline the upcoming school year, focusing specifically on new policies put in place due to COVID-19.  These meetings will take place in our church so that social distancing may take place.  Please sign up for one date or the other (the meeting will offer the same content each day), at the following link:  Parent Orientation Meeting.  We ask that you not bring children to this meeting, as childcare will not be available.

    • On Wednesday through Friday, August 19-21, our annual Home Visit Meetings will be taking place...with a significant twist.  This year, we’ll be asking you to bring your child and his or her school supplies along with you to this meeting.  You’ll meet with your teacher in their classroom and will go over classroom specific information.  Please sign up for a meeting time at the following link: Back to School Visits (formerly "Home Visits".

  • Finally, as the world continues to look rather unsettled around us, I can’t think of a better way to end this message than with a devotional video posted by Martin Luther College recently.  You’ll note that the man sharing God’s comforting message in this video is our very own Mr. Loescher (the devotion begins at around the 3:40 mark).  I guarantee that checking it out will be time well spent:  MLC Chapel Devotion.


Thank you for reading through another lengthy email from me.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to once again partner with you in bringing up your children in the shadow of the cross.  

God’s richest blessings,

Aaron Hartwig