Bible Study

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In the Summer we take a break. ... It's good for our staff. 

But classes will be back September 8, 2019. 
Check in later in the summer to see what we will be studying.

While you wait, consider ramping up your personal devotional life.
Historically Lutheran's have prized God's Word and time spent with it.
Martin Luther once even wrote a letter about it to his friend, Peter the Barber.
A Simple Way to Pray has been a little Lutheran jewel ever since.

Give this short work a read.  It's only 11 pages!  then put it into practice this Summer.
I promise, you will not be sorry you did. 

Click Here for a Simple Way to Pray

Looking for a challenge this summer?
Try the Lutheran Confessions.  Long considered the "Gold Standard of Lutheranism" these confessions were written to defend the teachings of God's Word from error during the time of the Lutheran Reformation and beyond.

Click here for an online copy of the Book of Concord
the Lutheran Confessions

Still craving a formal study?
Try interactive faith, a series of online Bible studies produced by
the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Click here to go to the website for interactive faith.