Bible Study

Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture
Wednesdays at 8:45am & Sundays at 9:00am


This Bible study includes 12 short video vignettes, each 3-4 minutes, from the 2017 Reformation celebration film, A Return to Grace: Luther's Life and Legacy. As participants view the introductory clip for each lesson, they will deepen their understanding of Reformation history and connect with what their church believes, teaches, and practices today.

 The lessons are:

[9-6/10] The Beginning: Baptism
[9-13/17] God's Undeserved Gift: Justification by Grace
[9-24] Not for Sale: Forgiveness in Christ Alone
[9-27 / 10-1] Christ's Body and Blood: Holy Communion

[10-4/8] Forgiven but Not Perfect: Saint and Sinner
[10-11/15] Witness Together: Augsburg Confession
[10-18/22] Join and Sing to the Lord: Congregational Worship
[10-25/29] All Serve Christ: Vocation

[11-1/5] One Authority: Scripture Alone
[11-8/12] Bold Witness: Confidence Drawn From Scripture
[11-15/19] Not by Force: Power of the Word
[11-22/26] My Bible: The Bible Into People's Hands

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