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This page is designed mainly for the use of our Public School Catechism Class. It will offer a list of assignments and provide some resources incase homework, worksheets, or catechisms are misplaced.
Our Assignment for then will be ... 


Third: How can eating and drinking do such great things?
It is certainly not the eating and drinking that does such things, but the words, "Given and poured out for you for the forgiveness of sins. "These words are the main thing in this sacrament, along with the eating and drinking. And whoever believes these words has what they plainly say, the forgiveness of sins.


Fourth: Who, then, is properly prepared to receive this sacrament?
Fasting and other outward preparations may serve a good purpose, but he is properly prepared who believes these words, "Given and poured out for you for the forgiveness of sins." But whoever does not believe these words or doubts them is not prepared, because the words "for you" require nothing but hearts that believe.
  1. Sacred Act Instituted by Christ
  2. Earthly element connected to God’s Word
  3. Offers seals and gives forgiveness of sins and thus also life and salvation
Means of Grace
The Gospel in Word and Sacraments
God wants us to invite to the Lord’s Supper…
  1. only repentant sinners,
  2. who are instructed so that they know the meaning of Christ’s death and understand that his body and blood are really present,
  3. who are able to examine themselves,
  4. and who are one with us in what we believe and teach.
We want to receive the Sacrament…
  • because we daily struggle against our sinful flesh and need God's help to overcome our weakness in faith;
  • because God grants forgiveness in the Sacrament, freeing us from guilt and strengthening our faith;
  • because through the Sacrament God increases our love for him and for one another;
  • and because when we receive the Sacrament we encourage each other by proclaiming the gospel message.
In Christ, 
Pastor Michael Kampman

Luther's Small Catechism: the Enchiridion
(sections memorized for class)
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Sermon Notes .docx & .pdf
This We Believe
Doctrinal Statements of the WELS
The Book of Concord (Lutheran Confessions)
Confirmation Commitment Form

Catechetical HELPS, LINKS, ETC. 
Tiny Cards (App for memorizing Luther's Small Catechism)  after installing search for Concordia Publishing House.  You should be able to select parts of the Catechism to work on. 
Finally, there are a ton of apps that can assist your child with memorizing portions of Scripture.  look around in your app store for Bible Memorization apps.  You might be suprised at what you find.