Welcome to St. Paul's Catechism Page!

This page is designed mainly for the use of our Public School Catechism Class. It will offer a list of assignments and provide some resources incase homework, worksheets, or catechisms are misplaced.

Dear Confirmation Parents:
We spent more time on the importance of confession and absolution in our Christian lives, and then studied some general truths about God’s gift of prayer. Our assignment for Monday, April 23rd:
Memorize: Confession 4th (page 12 new), and the Address of the Lord’s Prayer (page 6 new)
Examination is Thursday, April 26, 6:00pm.  Since there are 20 confirmands and we want them to be able to present the essays they have worked on, the reading of the essays will be the major portion of examination.  It is a little different format, but we believe it will be spiritually edifying to us all. 
God’s blessings to you and your loved ones,
Pastor Tom Behnke
OTHER USEFUL ITEMS (click on any to go to the link)
Sermon Notes .docx & .pdf
This We Believe
Doctrinal Statements of the WELS
The Book of Concord (Lutheran Confessions)
Confirmation Commitment Form

Catechetical HELPS, LINKS, ETC. 
Tiny Cards (App for memorizing Luther's Small Catechism)  after installing search for Concordia Publishing House.  You should be able to select parts of the Catechism to work on. 
Finally, there are a ton of apps that can assist your child with memorizing portions of Scripture.  look around in your app store for Bible Memorization apps.  You might be suprised at what you find.