A Place in the Parsonage

Okay ... Gunna jump out on a limb here and bring you into the parsonage. We do regular home devotions and thought at least while we are all cooped up it might be a good time to offer that content. Okay, I thought it, the family still thinks I'm a bit nuts with this ... they may be right. Fair warning, we aren't super polished and the discussion is unprepared. This is really just what it's like when we do devotions.
Anyway, I'm not posting these because we do a superior home devotion or because we think you need to look at us or be like us. In fact, we're all a little anxious about this moment in our lives being let loose online. Rather, it may prove as a good opportunity to let people see how easy home devotions can really be.
Our basic format is that we sit down together, we take turns picking a hymn, we read from a book of the Bible and talk about it.  Finally, we say our family prayer followed by the Lord's Prayer.
It provides us with a great time to simply focus the family on the one thing needful. My sincere hope is that you watch for a while and then stop because you begin to do your own thing in your homes.
God Bless all of you!

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