Digital Learning - Church

Some pretty nice digital resources have come to light in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The following list contains several links and some brief descriptions of what can be found in them. Maybe we can advance our knowledge or even share links with people as we do evangelism and just care for the spiritual well being of our neighbors from 6 feet away. 

Resources for Kids/families - Click the titles for more

Sunday School with Pastor. WELS Pastor Mike Seifert is currently developing these 10 – 12 minute videos teaching the Passion of Christ (currently 3/20).

A place in the parsonage. Pastor Michael Kampman from St. Paul, NFdL invites us into his home as he video records his own family devotions. If you are looking for a family devotion to follow along with, give this a try!

Be Still and Know. When worries and fear arise, we rely on God’s powerful, comforting Word. Use the free resources here from Concordia Publishing House for worship, prayer, and meditation on God’s Word.

Coloring Pages. Pretty self-descriptive, no? All pages are Bible-focused.

Beard133–Advocating Active Christian Fatherhood. Written by WELS Pastor Tom Barthel in 2017, this site offers for weeks’ worth of Family Bible Studies.


NPH is also offering some free resources. 
Check out their website for everything they are offering right now.    

Of course, a massive amount of material is also available at