Boy's Pioneers

St. Paul's Lutheran Boy Pioneers

Meets the Second Tuesday of Each Month from 6:00-7:30pm

Our Mission
Lutheran Pioneers exists to assist congregations in nurturing and training boys in the Lord, so that they will remain faithful to Him and faithfully serve Him throughout their lives. 

Our Goals and Objectives
To achieve our mission, Lutheran Pioneers provides materials and training that assists in conducting a ministry under the direction of the Pastor and congregation that:

  • Through devotions and interaction, proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaches obedience to all He has commanded.
  • Is of interest to preteen and adolescent youth.
  • Teaches useful skills (both historical and modern) for living in God's world.
  • Teaches understanding of God's creation and our role within it.
  • cultivates Christian leadership skills.
  • Encourages fellowship with Christians.
  • Encourages serving our Lord by providing opportunities to serve our fellowman in our family, neighborhood, church and community.
  • Seeks to keep boys involved in the church by faithful service to our Lord through their teen and adult years.